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Kitchen Renovation

Case Study

McCurrach Place

Kitchen Renovation

Our client wanted a more functional workspace, more storage and to modernise the space, whilst still maintaining the existing footprint to save on costs.

(Keeping services in the same place, plumbing, gas and electrical help keep trade costs down)


The concept was to completely remove the built-in corner pantry which was overpowering the room and to have a designated area for the fridge and also the microwave.


Removing the corner pantry opened up the space dramatically, the island bench was also pushed out 350mm making more room to move around in.


  • Detergent rack

  • Pull out ironing board

  • Cutlery trays

  • Appliance cupboard

  • Inner drawers to pantry

  • Euro bin

  • Stone benchtops

  • Touch to press cabinets

  • Finger recessed overheads (to give a handless look)

  • Overhead cupboards in a woodmat laminate

  • The cupboards are a standard laminate along with handles (selected from the Central Kitchens standard range)

Laundry Renovation

This type of laundry was the standard setup for its time, a prebuilt laundry trough / cabinet, no bench space and a big bulky linen cupboard that takes up more space than it is worth. Once again, the main focus was to remove the built in linen cupboard to allow the area to appear more spacious, add some overhead storage, some useable bench space and improve the look in general.

Our client had some very specific needs and requirements of what they wanted to get out of this space / laundry.

McCurrach laundry before 1 (1).jpg
McCurrach laundry before 1 (2).jpg

Laundry - Before Renovation (1993)


  • Storage

  • bench space

  • clothes hamper

  • hanging rail for drying clothes

  • somewhere for brooms and mops to go

  • somewhere for a stick vacuum to be charged out of sight.


As there was already another linen cupboard in the home, we went ahead with removing the built-in cupboard and replacing it with a broom/linen cupboard in one. This allowed room for storage of brooms and mops and a hidden away charging location for a stick vacuum. The other side is adjustable shelving for storage of other linen and household items. We replaced the prebuilt metal trough cabinet with a custom-made cupboard with an oval trough which is a perfect size for the area, we allowed room for a front loader washing machine and a single basket clothes hamper. The stone benchtop provides space for sorting and folding washing and the addition of the hanging rail allows for certain items of clothing to be taken from the washing machine and hung to dry immediately.

McCurrach laundry after 1.jpg
McCurrach laundry after.jpg

Laundry - After Renovation (2019)

We positioned the vanity on the newly created wall so when you walk into the bathroom you’re now walking into an open space.

Our client had previously had cupboards and was really wanting to have drawers for easier access to everything that is stored away.

The addition of a shaving cabinet provided extra storage as well, we got a little creative with adding a feature woodmatt surround and shelf to it for point of difference.


Although this is a small area cleaver design work can provide ample storage in the smallest of spaces.

Bathroom Renovation

With an area of 2.1 x 2.1 we were really tight for space; the layout was also very challenging considering there were two entry points one from the master bedroom and the other off the hallway. Our client decided to block off the entry from the master bedroom giving us more flexibility in our design.


Bathroom Before and After Renovation


Bathroom Before and After Renovation


Our client wanted to customise the robe space because one standard shelf with a hanging rail was not going to cut it.

A list of everything that needed to be stored was made, how much long and double hanging space was required, how many pairs of shoes needed to be accommodated, room for handbags, how many drawers were required and what was going to be stored in those drawers and that a tv was also to be incorporated into the design.


The idea was to prebuild the units and then install them into the existing robe space also considering sliding doors would be used to close the robes off to the room.


Our client didn’t want the robes to look like standard off the shelf robes, so we decided to edge the board in Laminex spinifex to add some detail and colour, our client also went for a small brushed gold finger pull handle.

Our client was very happy with the result and that everything now had its own place.

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